As part of the Posse Scholarship, each Posse receive a mentor. This mentor is a member of the college faculty or administration who provides support for their Posse. 

Posse Scholars participate in weekly meetings with their Posse over the duration of their freshman and sophomore years. These meetings are led by their mentor. Mentors also meet bi-weekly with individual Posse Scholars to check up with students as they adjust to the college experience. Even though the mandatory weekly meetings end after a Scholar’s sophomore year, it is not uncommon for Posses to continue meeting informally with their mentor.

Advising & Co-Curricular Programs Staff

Dr. Tim Cox – Posse Liaison
Dean of Advising & Co-Curricular Programs

Mentors for D.C Posses

Laurie Caslake (Posse 16)
Professor of Biology

Lawrence Malinconico (Posse 15)
Associate Professor and Director of Technology Clinic, Geology and Geophysics

Rob Young ’14 (Posse 14)
Director of Intercultural Development

Chris Phillips (Posse 13)
Professor of English

Mentors for New York City Posses

Nestor Gil (Posse 20)
Associate Professor of Art

Cliff Reiter (Posse 19)
Professor of Mathematics

Wendy Wilson- Fall (Posse 18)
Associate Professor and Program Chair, Africana Studies

Josh Smith (Posse 17)
Associate Professor and Chair, BS Engineering/AB International Studies
Mechanical Engineering